Sip On A Cup of I’ve Got This


Sip On A Cup of I’ve Got This

It’s Monday morning.

The kids are screaming.

You forgot to switch over the laundry, so the kids now have nothing to wear (or at least not if you consider clean underwear a necessity…).

It pops in your head that your gas light was on last night and you forgot to fill ‘er up.

You haven’t packed lunches yet.

Or brushed your teeth.

Heck, are you even wearing clothes yet?!?

Not to mention it’s 15 minutes before you have to be where you’re headed and it looks like you aren’t headin’ out for another good 30-45 minutes.



Those are the best days.

The days that make you want to pull your hair out and ask God for a “do over.”

A few months ago I found myself having this kind of day almost every single day.

“What is WRONG with me?!?!” I kept asking out loud.

I just could NOT get it together.

Have you been there?!?

School started every morning at the same time.  And I knew it.  But, I just could not get myself up and motivated to get us there on time.

For a while I blamed the kids.  Well, if B had gotten up and gotten dressed like I screamed at her to…I mean gently encouraged her to do…we’d have been on time.

And then I blamed the hubby.  Well, if you had offered to pump my gas last night because you telepathically read my mind and knew that I needed some I wouldn’t have had to stop on the way to school.

And then I blamed society.  Because why on earth would any school (or anything in general, really) begin before 10:00 a.m.?!?

Eehhh.  Let’s just say, I needed to get over myself.  And fast

One night when I was channel surfing, I ran across a McDonald’s commercial that had nothing to do with my predicament, but I loved the tagline: “Sip On a Cup of I’ve Got This.”

Whoa.  That really stopped me in my tracks.  I LIVE for catchy slogans, people.

I am not a morning person.  Never have been, never will be.

So the notion of me getting out of bed to in the morning to claim that title of “morning super hero” eluded me.

But, this slogan made me want to be one.  Really badly.

So, I tried it…using the tiniest baby steps possible.

I set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier the next morning.

And spoiler alert: I did not explode.  Life did not come to a halt.  And if I’m being honest, nothing changed.

Each morning for the next week I backed up my alarm until I was waking up a whole 30 minutes earlier.

I’m not gonna lie to you, friend.  Those first few days of earlier rising were rough.  Like I’m ashamed of myself.

However, I survived.  My kids survived.  Even my hubby came out mostly unscathed 😉

I used those 30 minutes to collect my thoughts, read a quick devotional, pray and center myself.

I wish I could express to you through these typed words what a transformative process this teeny tweak in my agenda has had on my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all of the sudden in line for Mom of the Year or anything, but at least I’m not screeching in to carpool line on two wheels narrowly missing the safety patrol children each morning…

Maybe you’re like me, and the thought of rising any earlier than normal sends you into an unnecessary bout of over the top anxiety.

That’s ok.

Take those moments to Sip on Your Cup of I’ve Got This in the afternoon.  Or at night.

Whenever you can carve out 30 minutes alone, do it.

It will change your life.

As it turns out, no matter what our mommin’ looks like, we NEED some time alone.  Heck, the kids NEED some time alone, too.

We need to check out for our own little Mommy Time Out and breathe.

When we take control of our thoughts, we give ourselves back power and focus.

Sometimes all we need in life is to take a sip of I’ve Got This and keep it movin’, friends.

Do you need to take a breather?  What do you do to center yourself each day? Please share in the comments!

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