The Game of Getting to Know You


The Game of Getting to Know You

Relationships are what keeps the world goin’ round…am I right?!?

Those kindred bonds that we create with family members, friends, coworkers, etc. are what makes navigating through this journey of life a little easier.

But, often times we take for granted that we really know those we hold dear.

Do we…?!?  Do we really know those whom we call “besties,” “fam,” and “ride or dies?!?”

I would argue that even if we think we know everything, we can always use a refresher, a fun exercise or maybe even a life altering revelation with our loved ones.

The next time you have a few spare moments with your tribe, consider my thoughts here…

This past week one of my blogger friends posted a “Get to Know Me” article on her site.

I gotta say, it was super informative and I feel like we could be curled up sippin’ hot chocolate together any day now.

And, that is exactly what I want to create with my Tribe.  All of YOU.

I would love to get to know YOU better, too.

So, I am accepting this challenge, and I hope you will indulge me a bit.

In this post I have answered 15 random questions.

Now, you do the same!

Take this as a challenge to have a little fun this week getting to know those around you.

Use these on a date.  On a girls night out.  Or just a night in with your kids!

I promise you, the laughs will be endless and you may even find something out about yourself that you never knew!

Here goes…

Question # 1:

What is the Title of the Current Chapter of Your Book of Life?

Toddler Tyranny: Surviving Not Thriving.

Question # 2

Three Most Interesting Facts About Yourself That Most People Wouldn’t Know:

(1) I totaled my car 58 days after my 16th birthday.  My Dad guessed I would wreck it in 60.  Guess I showed that sucka!!! … all jokes aside, scariest experience ever.

(2) I sang a solo as a part of my church choir in the West Wing of the White House once during high school and President Bush emerged from a nearby room for a brief .002 seconds during it.  Shell-shocked.  Literally.  He didn’t even know we were there, but whatevs.  I knew HE WAS THERE…

(3) I clerked for a state Supreme Court Justice.

Question # 3

How would you describe yourself in three words:

Passionate, Nurturing, Creative

Question # 4

If you could only eat five things for the rest of your life what would they be?

(1) Macaroni and Cheese

(2) My Momma’s Chicken Salad

(3) My Daddy’s fresh off the grill BBQ Hamburgers

(4) My Mamaw’s Fried Chicken with homemade pineapple sauce

(5) My Ninnie’s Potato Salad and Homemade Thanksgiving Dressing

* Side note: As a bonus, because I would totally ask the Genie for another wish 😉 … Publix Bourbon Salmon (for those good omega 3’s girrrrrllll…)

* Side note Part 2: Also, my Aunt Kaye’s Sausage Balls.

* Side Note Part 3: Because I LOVE FOOD, I also can’t live without mozzarella / tomato (Caprese) salads, crabcakes and Rose’!

Question # 5

What Songs Get You Fired Up and Ready to Go?

“Sweet Home Alabama”

“Rise Up”

“Concrete Jungle”

“Defying Gravity”

“Shut Up and Dance”

Question # 6

What are some things that a large amount of people are obsessed with but you CAN’T STAND?

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Insert eyeroll here).  I just don’t get it.  Please forgive me.


Question # 7

If you could turn an activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a really good chance of winning a gold medal for?

Putt-Putt Golf, Go-Karting, Scrapbooking and Online Shopping…

Question # 8

What TV show would you most like to star in OR live in?


Question # 9

What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Monday.  Because I think it gets a bad rap, and honestly I love the challenge and excitement of a fresh start with new opportunities.

But, I also LIVE for Friday nights / Saturday mornings…

Question # 10

If your childhood had a smell what would it be?

Apple Cinnamon candles.

Fresh leaves.

Bounce dryer sheets.

Question # 11

Dream Vacation?

Meditteranean cruise.


I wanna see it all…

Question # 12

How do you relax?


No bra (TMI?…sorry.  Just bein’ real…)

Big, warm blanket.

A good book.

A glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate.

Side note: Homegirl loves a good massage or mani / pedi sesh any day of the week… am I right, ladies?!?

Question # 13

Celebrity Crush?

John Stamos.

All Day.  Every dang day.

Also, I have a very well-known obsession with Vin Diesel’s voice.  Ask literally anyone who knows me.

Don’t worry.  My husband is WELL aware.

I think I got a little too detailed about this question.

Moving on…

Question # 14

If you could live anywhere else in the U.S. where would it be?

Charleston, South Carolina.

But I would also want to live out my fashion girl dreams and live in NYC for a year or two.

Question # 15

What / Who Inspires You?

My daughters.  My two girls have given me dreams I never even knew I had.  My whole life has changed since my oldest took her first breath.  Each day they push me to achieve more than the day before.  They love me with no preconceived notions, purely and with reckless abandon.  They light up the second I enter a room and the same is true for whenever I hear the pitter patter of their little feet.  The words “Thank you, Mommy” or “I love you, Mommy” have proven singlehandedly more inspirational than any other aspect of my life.  More than anything, I now know what I desire my legacy for my girls to be: You can achieve anything you dream with God’s help.

My parents.  I know everyone says they have the best.  But, my goodness, I sure am grateful to God for mine.  He knew exactly the combo I needed to drive me, inspire me, challenge me and most of all love me fiercely, unconditionally and limitlessly.

My two grandmothers.  Most people say that I am an equal combination of my two grandmothers.  I wholeheartedly agree.  On the one hand, I will take a board room by storm and conquer whatever challenge lies before me, all while balancing gracefully on a pair of sky-high heels (Thank you, Ninnie).  While on the other hand, my heart lies in serving you up a warm chocolate chip poundcake and taking your mind off the worries of the world for an afternoon (Love you, Mamaw).

*    *    *

Whew!  This was fun.

I hope you got to know me a little better.  And I would LOVE to get to know you better.

If you have a few seconds, I’d love for you to answer a few of these questions in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a great day!

I challenge you to take a little time to get to know some people in your life even better this week 🙂

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